9th March 2015: Invited speaker at the New trends in Computational Chemistry for industrial application

The conference will take place in Barcelona next October 2015. This is actually the 4th edition of the conference, whose major goals are to highlight the latest scientific advances within the broad field of computational chemistry in academia and industry. This workshop will provide the opportunity to bring together researchers from industry and academia for discussion, exchanging ideas and developing collaborations.

March 2015: Selected as talented young researcher to attend the Lindau Meeting next summer!


This week I have been told that as my birthday present I will have the opportunity to attend the next Lindau meeting (June 28th-July 3rd) to meet and greet 70 Nobel prize winners. The meeting will take place in the small town of Lindau in Germany and will gather 650 young researchers (under 35). This will be an excellent opportunity to meet nobel prize winners in the fields of chemistry, physics, and medicine.

Thanks Marcel and ICREA for the nomination, and also the Lindau selection committee for this great opportunity!

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March 2015: Prof. Houk published 1000 papers!

This is an incredible accomplishment, congratulations Ken! I feel very proud to have contributed to the number (12 papers together), but I am specially happy about our 999th!

Houk and his research group have been extremely productive, publishing 58 papers in 2014 alone. Paper No. 999, co-authored by UCLA postdoctoral scholars Sílvia Osuna and Gonzalo Jiménez-Osés and graduate student Liz Noey, described their use of molecular dynamics to probe how directed evolution of enzymes leads to better catalysis.

News of this achievement posted on the UCLA Newsroom:

9-10th February 2015: Short research visit to UTEP!

photo 1Prof. Echegoyen invited me to visit his lab to discuss the latest results on our joint research projects and give a talk at UTEP. Although I was there for just a couple of days, the visit was very productive. I also had the opportunity to visit the labs and see how the molecules I have been studying for so many years are actually made! Thanks Maira, Lourdes, and Luis!

4th-21st February 2015: Research visit to UCLA!

achre4_v048i003I have visited the Houk lab for the third time since I left UCLA in 2012 (thanks to the CIG contribution). Seventeen days at the Houk lab and three objectives: submit the revised version of the accounts paper, and submit two more papers. On presidential day, we submitted the accounts and two days later the paper was accepted! The last day at UCLA, we submitted the second paper, and the third one was almost completed. The most productive seventeen days of my entire life! But not only productive, lots of celebrations and good moments to remember! Thanks Ken for these two wonderful weeks, and thanks also to Gonzalo, Pablo, and Gloria!!


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