Dr. Osuna research is funded by the following organizations:



European Research Council (ERC) – Consolidator Grant: “Fast yet accurate routine rational design of novel enzymes” (FASTEN, ERC-2022-CoG-101088032). Total: 1.996,250€. Period: 2023-2028


ercueEuropean Research Council (ERC) – Proof of Concept: “Computational design of industrial enzymes for green chemistry” (GREENZYME, ERC-2022-POC-101112805). Total: 150,000€. Period: 2023-2024

linesThe Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Research Grants | EURAXESS

Human Frontier Science Program – Program Grants: “Evolution of conformational and kinetic ensembles during functional transitions” (RGP0054/2020), PI: Dr. Tokuriki (coordinator, Univ British Columbia, CAN), Dr. Fraser (Univ. of California San Francisco, US), Dr. Noji (Tokyo Univ, JP), Dr. Osuna (UdG, SP). Total: 1,350,000$. Funding Osuna Team: 337,500$ Period: 2020-2023



R&D MINECO project (COCOZYME, PID2021-129034NB-I00) has been selected for funding (Total: 157,300€/3 years + 1 PhD fellowship associated, PI: Dr. Osuna).

R&D Prueba de Concepto MINECO project (EVOCAT, PDC2022-133950-I00) has been selected for funding (Total: 143,750€/2 years).


agaur_logoSGR 2021– Generalitat de Catalunya: Theoretical Chemistry of Biosystems (TCBioSys)” (SGR 2021 00487), PI: Dr. Osuna, Dr. Blancafort. Total: 60,000€. Period: 2023-2025


Previous funding:

European Research Council (ERC), Starting Grant NETMODEZYME: ERC-2015-StG-679001 (PI: Dr. Osuna, Total: 1,445,588€/5 years)

R&D MINECO project (ENZEXPLORA, PGC2018-102192-B-I00) has been selected for funding (Total: 118,580€/3 years + 1 PhD fellowship associated, PI: Dr. Osuna).

SGR 2017– Generalitat de Catalunya: Computational Biochemistry Lab: Rational Design of Novel Enzymes (CompBioLab)” (SGR 2017 1707, PI: Dr. Osuna, Dr. Feixas, Total: 10,000€/2 years)

-Marie Curie IF EnzVolNet: H2020-MSCA-IF-2016-753045 (Researcher: Dr. Javier Iglesias, Total: 158,121.60€/2 years)

Career Integration Grant (CIG) DIREVENZYME: 2013-CIG-630978 (PI: Dr. Osuna, Total: 100,000€/4 years)

-R&D MINECO project (SPINENZYMECAT, CTQ2014-59212-P) Total: 116,160€/3 years + 1 PhD fellowship associated, PIs: Prof. Marcel Swart, Dr. Osuna

– Ramón y Cajal contract (RYC-2014-16846) and associated project (Total:308,600€/5 years)

Juan de la Cierva contract is funded by MINECO (2013-2015)

-MC IOF postdoctoral fellowship MEDENZYMEDESIGN: PIOF-GA-2009-252856 (Total: 223,537.90 €/3 years)lines

MarieCurie     mineco     erc   uelines

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